i look up at the sky -the guide- thats always told me why
though to manys dismay
the stars are gone today

i cried and bled
but i could not be lead
by the stars in the sky that told me why
and to alls dismay
i and the stars; shant shine; another day

a disease with no remedy
say goodbye; to your life
itll cut up your wills with a knife!

sometimes youll be too far gone
turn to me; look at this one
my wills for life
are gone to its knife
what can be done, for this one?!

its nothing but smoke
and a nightmarish face thatll make you awoke
just a parasite, nothing more.
as much as you believe, its not you, been there before
someday you can get its knife
and from that disgrace, win back your life

unfortunatley though this one is far.
still stuck in the par
who knows how thisll flow.